in collaboration with Anna Audere

The aim of the work is to raise awareness of different social stratification. In the artwork it is revealed as a different social space with the help of the glass bubbles, which every member of society is living in, but they can reveal themselves only in mutual interaction with the other. The work is a collaboration between the artist and social anthropologist. Inspiration for the artwork comes form the experience with asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in Latvia, in the wider context of the population. This section of society is often accompanied by various prejudices and discrimination, both on the basis of their origin and their acquired status, denying them the opportunity to lead a 'normal life' and promoting segregation. The added value of the collaboration was the opportunity to step out of the comfort zone in order to change their perceptions of concepts and the human side, which is imperceptibly revealed only in mutual contact, with practical involvement, helping asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in their daily work.

Glass, silicon, paint, “ready made”
5 Glass domes ⌀ 28 cm Height 32 cm